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With DNN Job Listing it will never be easier to post a job on a DNN website. If you are a job center, agency or hiring officer and want to publish open jobs in an easy and comfortable way for you and your clients, DNN Job Listing based on AJAX and jQuery technology, is the perfect module for you. 

The package comes with 3 modules including a rotator to show jobs on multiple pages within your website.



  • Job Listings (List of all job listings and also the administration ability to add, edit, and delete listings as well as managing basic and general listing settings) 
  • Job Listing View (View of a single job listing with options to download the PDF-View of the listing, contact the website owner, download multiple other files attached to the job, and/or tell a friend about the job) 
  • Job Listing Rotator (Rotates job listings depending on the settings)




Latest Updates

  • Fixed a problem editing an uploaded file (using child portals).
  • Fixed some minor problems concerning child portals.
  • Added linkedIn as a social media share link.
  • Page title in the job view will automatically be updated with the job title for social media purposes.
  • Fixed some issues to make module DNN8 compatible.
  • Fixed language problems on Windows 10 hosts concerning the culture info.
  • Fixed problem when Pop-Ups are disabled in the site settings.
  • Possibility to enable or disable any single filter (area, job category, job type) in the search.
  • Possibility to set a certain date format for the listings in the format like dd/MM/yyyy.
  • Fixed rotator problems in sub portals.
  • Fixed filter problems in sub portals.
  • Possibility to save candidate data (full name, email, phone, message and files) via contact form in database.
  • Candidate administration: List candidates (all or filtered); Delete candidates; Export candidates to excel.
  • Possibility to add an expiration date for each listing. After listing expires it disappears on website (still available for admins).
  • Bug fix: Module uses correct portal id's when used in a sub portal.
  • Bug fix: Can't delete a language in the settings if items (job types, categories etc.) are still connected.
  • Some smaller bug fixes.

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